Thursday, August 04, 2005

ShooStories: Fruity goodness (redux)

Note: I know I'm kind of cheating here because I've already sort of featured this pair here when I first bought it, but what the heck, it's still part of my shoo collection, I forgot to charge my camera and I've been busy.


The Shoo: Carmen Miranda
Circa: Feb 2005
Where: C.K. Tangs

The Story: I have two favourite sections at Tangs. The first is the beauty hall on the ground floor - I love to browse all the make-up colours, perfumes and various pretty pots at all the counters, and the second is the expensive section tucked away in a corner on the second level, where there are labels like Paul & Joe and Alannah Hill, and beautiful, beautiful shoos from Beverly Feldman, Ras and many, many more. Most times, I just look at them and mentally file them away into my imaginary wardrobe. But sometimes, they go on SALE, and suddenly these lovely items are within my grasp! 50%, 70% off, excitingness!

So yes, I picked up these very bright shoos during a big sale. And everytime I see them, I feel very sunny and happy, not only because I got them at a bargain, but also because it's the most colourful pair of shoos I own. It's all part of my plan to banish black from my wardrobe. Years ago, it was just black black black shoos because they went with everything, but really, life's just so much more fun with colour, no?


Ang Ku Kueh said...

i used to have this pair of bright sunny yellow sandals with a huge sunflower which i love to wear. untill my mum wore it without teling and broke the strap on the same day....

anyways, u take care and have a safe and fantastic trip to Hawaii!

missy-j said...

Is the shoe designer called Carmen Miranda or is it just the name of the shoe?

If it is the name, then how apt! Carmen Miranda was a Brazilian entertainer famous for her tutti-fruiti headdresses!

Li-er said...

Cute! =)

lancerlord said...

Are those watermelons? Cute sia!

JellyGirl said...

AKK: Thanks I arrived in Honolulu safely! :) And aww I know how you feel about the shoes. My sister used to borrow my shoes all the time and she's one size larger! She stretched out a pair of mary janes once. hmmph!

Missy-j: No the shoe brand isn't Carmen Miranda, I just gave that name to my shoes. I can't remember what actual name of the label is.

One Little Twit said...

That's way fruity! I'm into fruits too. I bought 2 watermelon pouches and 1 strawberry pouch and some GAP apples and pears keychains and luggage tags.

One Little Twit said...

Yeah forgot to add that it is such a healthy addiction.