Monday, August 27, 2007

This Aug, I am into...

Listening: Humming Urban Stereo, Mika’s Lollipop with the new Sennheiser headphones
Watching: Coffee Prince, Thank You, Bad Couple, Nodame Cantabile
Reading: Translated Japanese magazines like With
Wearing: Ahava matifying moisturizer, stuff that hasn’t been worn yet in my wardrobe
Eating: Camel Adenishiki nuts (so addictive!), Marks & Spencer Honey Nut cereal, Marigold Fuji Apple jelly, going to Dempsey (without planning!) 3 weekends in a row for dinner & dessert
Partying: National Day BBQ, going to KL (twice!) for work and for friends’ wedding , newly upgraded California Fitness membership

Friday, August 10, 2007

Red, white and very full

You know it's a good party when you have cute babies, a social doggie and good food. I ate so much I thought I was going to 'splode.

Suzy's Cake (Take 1)

On Wed night, I attempted the Suzy's Cake recipe from Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Herme. Having scoured the book, I'm convinced this is the easiest recipe in the book. Like the book says, it's the classic cream butter, eggs and sugar method, but the results are devastatingly good. This cake packs a powerful decadent punch of pure chocolate goodness, and you'll feel very satisfied (and gelat) once you've had a little slice.

When it comes to making something so simple, it pays to spend a bit more on ingredients. Although the book recommended Valrhona Guanaja (70%), I couldn't find it in the store, so I got the closest, which seemed to be Araguani (72%).

Everything started out fine, from the time I creamed the butter and sugar together, to the time I added the chocolate and flour.

It looked good coming out of the oven too...

...but alas, I had plucked it out of the oven before its time. Too moist in the middle!

Better luck next time.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

National Day bbq: what to make

My friends are having a bbq at their place on Thursday, and I’m in charge of dessert. I’d have made trifle, except some other friends are bringing konnyaku jelly, so I’m thinking something more cakey or chocolatey would bring some variety.

I don’t really have much time to make dessert (Wed night and Thurs afternoon), so something simple will have to do:
It’s a tough fight between the cake and the chocolate cupcakes!