Monday, May 18, 2009

Get mugged

(L): Pantone mugs, (R): Penguin Classic mug

If you have any designer or writer friends, these mugs from Pantone and Penguin Classics will probably make them very happy. I just love the bright colours, and think they'd be the perfect office mug to keep me happy at work.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not interested in shopping? Pfft

All images from American Apparel. Colours pictured are Orchid, Pomegranate and Royal Blue.

Remember when I said I wasn't interested in shopping? It seems the drought is over. I happened to poke around the American Apparel site recently and found the Le Sac dress, which can be worn multiple ways. The only limit? Your creativity, and I suppose, the ability to swathe yourself in fabric without it looking like a sack.

Methinks a visit to my local AA shop is in order this weekend. This would be the perfect dress to wear this spring/summer. Now the only decision: which colour to get?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ve-ry quiet

Wow, where did all that time go?

I've been out and about: visit back home to Singapore in April, going for Singapore Day at Hampton Court Palace, quick weekend trip to York this last bank holiday weekend, and just generally going out and having fun. I've resolved to go out, explore and do more in England more this year so that the next time I go back for a visit and I'm asked what I normally get up to, I actually have something interesting to say beyond "Oh, going to the gym and eating dim sum."

Excuse the quietness while I'm out there in the real world. I'll be back soon enough.