Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stupid girl


So you know how when you're waiting to cross the road, and a truck goes by and then someone yells out something, and you instinctively turn to look in the direction of the noise, and you see an ah pek sitting in the back of the truck grinning at you, and you realise that he called out only 'cos he wanted to see what you looked like?

Yeah, I hate that when it happens.


I took a taxi home after buying dinner and with the many packages I was carrying, somehow ended up with my wallet in my lap. I had this clever idea that I would pay the taxi fare with small change which I keep in my purse. So when the time came to pay, I 'd of course completely forgotten about my wallet. I only realised my wallet was missing when I stepped out of the taxi and after the taxi had zoomed away without me being able to check the license plate number.

So I immediately rushed into the house and called the cab company immediately to say that I'd left my wallet in the taxi. After about 45 min of waiting, calling the credit card company to deactivate the card, enduring scoldings from both father and mother, I got a call back from the cab company. "The taxi driver can't find the wallet, and he and the passenger he picked up after you searched everywhere. Do you think it dropped outside the taxi?" Whereupon I rush out of the house, and true enough, see my wallet sitting in front of the gate.

I feel like a fool now. Eheheh.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bag this!

I've been given a laptop for work, and I of course did the most logical thing a girl could do upon receiving a piece of gadgetry. That's right, shop for the right accessories to go with it. I'm now obsessed with finding the perrfect laptop bag to carry the laptop in. The bag that came with it is just too clunky and heavy to carry, and I foresee much shoulder-ache if I even attempt to bring it home.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I have found a few cute lappy bags I would lurve to own:

The Bird in Hand bag is not strictly a lappy bag, but it's roomy enough to carry the laptop, its power cable and other accoutrements.

I love so many patterns from the Acme Made Slim design, and it took me a while to finally decide that black with pink circles was the pattern for me. I just wish this was a little cheaper though.

I suspect Elle Woods would approve of this Pinder bag to carry her laptop. It's a cute shade of pink and is just the right shape.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

In the pink

Squeeeee! I have gots to get this! I wants it, I wants it! And if the picture is to be believed, even tthe backlight is soft peenk! It looks so much better than the Magenta version.

- via Shiny Shiny

New beginnings

It's been a while eh? I've been busy packing up at the office, shredding countless documents, cleaning up the 'puter, sending out numerous emails, and handing over projects (while trying to suppress a "so long suckaaas!" cheer). And my last day at uni finally came. And it felt pretty good. Of course there are things I'll miss - like my colleagues, the easy pace of work, the cheap lunches. But overall, I'm glad to be moving onto bigger and hopefully better things.

Today was my first day at the new company. For the first time, I felt extremely Working Girl as I took the train into the CBD and walked to the new office, passing by other corporate-looking types in their pants and shirts and office suits. The good thing about my new company is that the dress code is still smart casual, and I can get away with wearing jeans to work. But maybe not in the first week of work. Gots to keep up a professional image for a while, 'yo.

Anyhoo, the first day went by pretty well. Highlights of the day were:
  • Tinkering around with my new laptop
  • Locking myself out of the system, and having to call Europe to reset the passwords (I stupidly forgot to write down the new password after setting it)
  • Attending my first ever team meeting, where the finance guy showed what looked like a chart of gibberish numbers to me
  • Having a nice lunch at a little cafe
  • Discovering the office pantry stocked booze in its fridge
Yep, it's a good start to the new year.