Friday, August 26, 2005

Call Me!

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It's Friday morning and I am loath to start work. So I did some surfing, and behold I found the funnest thing ever - StripGenerator. Hours of fun and so easy to use! Go make yours!

-- via Gregtheboyfriend


Ole' Wolvie said...

That's why I don't call.. hur hur

Nice blog. I wish I can take such nice photos.

Woof! said...

heh.. u realise what u write speaks about your character / what's on ure mind? :o)

JellyGirl said...

Ole' Wolvie: Hello! Thank you for your nice comments! Are you sure you are a wolf if you have such a cute little doggie as your avatar? :P

Woof!: Hee, you may not believe me but I swear I had no particular male in mind and I was not in such a situation when I made this strip!

WHAK'd said...

Make downloadable or sendable (ecard greetings) comic strips on ;)