Monday, August 01, 2005

Busy bee

I'm leaving for Hawaii this Fri, and there's still a list of things that need to be done. People tend to roll their eyes and go "yah right" when I tell them I have to go there for work, but it's all troo, I tell ya! I'm not going there to enjoy pretty white beaches, palm trees, ok? I'm going there for real academic conference/exhibition hor.

So yes, I'm very busy right now. This site will probably be dullsville for the next couple of days, but I might manage a ShooStories still. We'll see.

Until then, in a while, crocodile.


Deetourguide said...

Oooo, girlfriend, you gonna have such fun! Try to sneak some inter-conference time to sightsee. Beach eye candy... malls... volcanoes... Which island u going to?

Fashionasia said...

I am soooo green with envy.........:P

Kelley Bell said...

My friend lived on the big island and had a bumper sticker that said:
Just another Sh#**y day in paradise.

Its nice of you lucky ones to downplay it, but we aint buying...

No matter how you grumble, we know darn well that going to Hawaii is COOL, COOL, COOL.

Have Fun.

Ang Ku Kueh said...

academic conference? wah! sounds super brainy! have fun!

JellyGirl said...

Deetour: I'm going to Honolulu for the work bit, and when that's over going to Maui for an overnight stay. Whee! Looking forward to the holiday part!

Fashion: You can stow away in my suitcase :)

Kelley: I love that bumper sticker! And yeah, you're right, going to Hawaii is very cool!

AKK: Lucky I'm not presenting any papers! Just need to stand around and look crever, can already.

Woof! said...

really, win already!

so how many days work and how many days holiday? if ure leaving on Fri, Sat and Sun are holi-days right? tons of cute Jap hunks there!

JellyGirl said...

Woof: 4 days of work and the rest for holiday! Unfortunately I have to work over the weekend, as the exhibition starts on Sunday and Sat is for set-up. Boo I want to see Jap hunks!

Li-er said...

Enjoy your trip yea! Have fun! =)