Thursday, August 18, 2005

ShooStories: Happy havi-en

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The Shoo: Haviana Hippy

Aug 2004
JFK airport terminal, New York

The Story:
It was the end of my fantastic New York trip, and I had about 2 hours to wait for my flight to take me back home to Singapore. I passed by a store that had many many pairs of Havianas in cheery colours, like pink, yellow, lime green, white, blue...Having heard so much about these flip-flops and how they were, like, the most comfortable pair of flip-flops in the universe, I decided to buy one pair with my extra US dollars, and stashed my last buy in New York in my already bulging carry-on bag.

I am happy to report that Havaianas really do live up to their reputation. They are indeedy most comfortable and cushiony, of course I would dispute the "most comfortable evah" label. These flip-flops have served me well in the past year, travelling with me to my usual KL trips, my Korat mission trip, and most recently, to flip-flop city itself,
Hawaii. What would I do without them?


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