Tuesday, August 23, 2005

No more a Toys R' Us kid

Today, I crossed that line into real adulthood. I can't fool anyone, much least myself anymore that I am still a little girl who's just playing at being grown-up. I guess it's hard, since I still live with my mother and she does the housework, pays the household bills, cooks and cleans, and oh, still nags me about coming home late on rare occasions.

But since I've bought my new car, taken over my dad's club membership, and had my phone line transferred to my name, it's time for me to start paying some bills myself. Hence the need for a checking account. Having a cheque-book is that last step in attaining independence as an adult. I've held out long enough, happy to delude myself into thinking "I'm not an adult yet! Turning 21 (5 years ago) was just a number!" But oh no, it's time to grow up and move.

So today, I opened a checking account, and I have a brand new cheque-book with empty pages to fill up. I am now filled with glee as I survey the clean pages, and imagine myself whipping out an adult-looking pen (say, Mont Blanc or Namiki) and signing my name with a flourish. Tralala.


Woof! said...

welcome to the sucky world of adulthood, a.k.a bills, mortgages, and (some say) alimony..

just outta curiosity - how have u been paying ure bills if u have been w/o a checkbook?

JellyGirl said...

Woof, I've been able to pay most bills thru the SingPost machine. Otherwise, I got my mum to write me the cheque and I'd pay her back.