Monday, February 14, 2005

Good enough to eat

The Manolo, I think he would be very proud of me, because yesterday I bought this pair of fruity goodness from Tangs at 50% off. It makes my mouth water just looking at them.


Cowboy Caleb said...

yicks, after you've touched them with your feet?!

FF said...

Oh, they're really cute! How much?

IZ Reloaded said...

Pretty pair and a great bargain too.

JellyGirl said...

Cowboy: No silly! Like I will actually eat them...then what will I wear?

FF: Tanks! I paid about $115.

Iz: Heh, well I wish it could have been cheaper, but am very happy all the same.

Manolo said...

Manolo says, the visual wit of these shoes, they have made the Manolo laugh out in the joy. They are indeed super fantastic!

Muchos Besos!