Monday, February 28, 2005

Os-cah Fe-vah!

My favourite fashion event of the year! Nowsadays, I only watch it for the fun fashions. All the better if the gowns are ugly. Since I can't skive work to watch it live, I am looking at the red carpet arrivals on Fun fun fun!

She doesn't look too bad. Didja know David Gan did her hair?

I adore Cate Blanchett, and most times she looks good. I like the shape but I dunno about the colour of the dress and that maroon sash thingy. That pale yellow doesn't really suit her colouring.

I wish I had something snarky to say about Gwyneth, but I don't. She looks fabulous...grr.

I've always thought Ms Cruz looked like a bird, and here I realise I am not wrong! She looks like Big Bird from Sesame Street!

Did Halle Berry not learn from her lopsided gown from the Golden Globes?? This is an improvement but I'm a bit ho-hum about this dress, it makes her boobies look slightly distorted.

I have something against dresses/gowns that are short in front and long at the back, it tends to make one look stunted. Am also intrigued by that woman in the background. Who is she and why is she wearing an orange gown with a lime green pashmina and accessorised with a silver bag? The colours, they are dizzying me.

Oh Johnny, why? You looked so hamsem last year! What happened? What's that? You forgot to wash your hair? Tsk.

Oo-eer Kate Winslet looks like a goddess. Hurrah Kate!

Tee-hee Puff Daddy/P. Diddy /Sean Combs decided to accessorise his velvet pyjamas with a bow-tie. Aww.

Aieeeee! It's the Wicked Witch of the West! Renee Zellweger looks very scary, I think it's the colour of her hair. And she's wearing a red gown...again...boring. It looks unfinished, like there wasn't enough time to finish the top bits and she had to rush off to the red carpet.

I no lika the hair. It looks like candy floss.


RonPopiel said...

This blog receives the OFFICIAL Cap'n Shrimpstain Seal of Approval!


Cap'n Bosworth J. Shrimpstain
Beverly Hills, California

FF said...

Hahaha to the above comment.

JellyGirl said...

Cap'n: Err thank you Cap'n! I like your name!

FF: Heh.

Zen|th said...

Kate Winslet looks the best dressed among those pictures.