Thursday, February 03, 2005

A worker bee once more

All too soon, my three days of tai-taidom have ended. I didn't manage to do everything on my list, but at least I managed to get the most important things accomplished, like going to the dentist (no cavities, yay!), getting my spor shoos (discounted somemore) and getting my facial (beautiful smooth skin, hurrah).

Other stuff I got up to:
  • Playing tennis with my sister (we are improving! Less ball-picking, more rallies!)
  • Going rollerblading
  • Getting a new pair of glasses
  • Getting tiddly on martinis (I like the appletini) and free steak sandwiches at Mortons
  • Drinking hot chocolate at Max Brenner

And now it's Thurs and I'm back at work again. Bpptth.

(Oh yes, in case you were wondering, I never heard back from that agency and it's been more than a week. I've written them off. If they can't be bothered to get back to me, I can't be bothered to work there.)


Ah 9 said...

where's max brenner? im a little sua ku...hehe

FF said...

Where did you get your facial done and how much?

calm one said...

first time i heard of a rollerblading tai tai...

JellyGirl said...

Ah 9: Max Brenner is at the Esplanade, opposite Harry's Bar.

FF: I get my facial done at Holland Village, and I pay about $75. Would you like the number?

Calm: Heh all the better to burn those high teas off!

FF said...

Hey Jelly, I know that place... Ma something... I have the number already thanks. I think $75 is an exorbitant amount to pay for a facial though. My friends get theirs about $30+.

Cowboy Caleb said...

they didnt get back to you?

don't bother anymore with them. If they have no courtesy, then it's not a firm you would want to join anyway.

JellyGirl said...

FF: Yeah it's expensive but I've been going to her off and on for the last 2 years and she's good. And I'm so lazy to look for someone else who's cheaper but just as good.

Cowboy: My sentiments exactly.

Ah 9 said...

Happy CNY~!