Monday, March 21, 2005

Weekend accounting

Oh what a huge amount of money I spent on Saturday. I went to the NATAS travel fair at Suntec City in the morning in the hopes of finding a good deal for my May trip to Australia. And indeedy, I did. It was worth it waking up early and braving the crowds (of which it wasn't so considerable at 10am) and one persistent and sickeningly cheery Prudential girl. I was so confident I wouldn't be able to find a better deal elsewhere, I paid for the ticket upfront, with the exception of airport tax, to be paid on collection of the ticket.

In the glow of my find, I did some retail therapee and bought a pair of shoes, a top and sunblock. Just like that. Normally I prowl around for hours, but the amount of time it took for all these purchases was just under 2 hours. Wow, I'm getting good at this.

Numbers time
Air ticket to Australia on Emirates: $480 (not including tax)
Aldo shoes (watch out for it in ShooStories!): $99.90
A French Connection truffle of a halter top: $79
The Natural Source baby sunblock, 2 tubes (one for me, one for a friend's baby): $28.50

In other news, I caught In Good Company. I enjoyed it, even though it wasn't quite the comedy I expected it to be. It did have its laugh out loud moments, but it was more a movie of quiet and subtle humour and feeling. That's a good thing. I liked how the movie was real, and didn't have the usual romantic mush ending so typical of most Hollywood fare. And of course, I always enjoy watching Topher Grace in his intellectual loser roles. Although, it's time he switched focus before he gets typecasted.


Woof! said...

the ticket was a really good deal! where ya going?

I'm prob going to Sydney (again) this year if I have enough miles..

JellyGirl said...

I'm going to Brisbane. Can't wait to catch up with all my friends and visit old haunts!

FF said...

That was cheap. Last year, i got mine at 680 on MAS to Melbourne and I thought it was a frigging good deal.