Monday, March 07, 2005

This March, I am into...

Ooh how I love the rainy days, and the happy way I feel...only when I'm safe and dry inside.

...the return of the rain, spending three days a week at church, Lent, figuring out dates for my May Oz trip, Ryu Murakami, more Champloo, my new Polo Club membership, catching up on Oscar movies, Gold 90.5FM, char siew rice, musing on becoming a pod person, deciding if I really can do with another pair of shoes.

How about you?


Ah 9 said...

Rain is good. Live giving. Refreshes the mind.
(make that clean rain is good)

Woof! said...

You've got a Polo Club membership? I'm thinking of taking riding lessons soon.. would you recommend the Polo Club over BTSC and Sentosa?

Cowboy Caleb said...

whats with that murakami guy. Is he any good. Post some of his stuff leh.

JellyGirl said...

9: Indeedy. I love the smell of earth after it rains.

Woof!: Yep my dad transferred his membership to me since he's hardly around to use it. And ah umm, confession here, I don't know how to ride. But I suppose it would be nice to learn at Polo Club cos there are some nice riding trails with lots of trees behind the club.

Cowboy: It's not the Murakami that you're thinking of. The Murakami I'm reading now is goot stuff. Alamak if you want to have a sample, just look inside the book lor.