Monday, March 14, 2005

Thoughts going through the noodle while watching Hitch

  • Will Smith sure has big ears
  • But he's still hot
  • Aww the streets of New York. Wish I were there again.
  • I love Eva Mendes' outfits.
  • And her hair.
  • Ohmygosh...her curves! She's so hot!
  • OK seriously, she's a gossip columnist for a trashy paper. How can she afford to live in such a nice apartment in NY??
  • Ditto for Will.
  • Kevin James looks like a big teddy bear.
  • Hmm Amber Valletta isn't too bad an actor.
Verdict: Enjoyable Saturday night movie. Not too cuddly mushy to the point that it's nauseating, although the ending felt a bit contrived. If it weren't for Will Smith and Kevin James, it probably wouldn't have been so funny.

1 comment:

FF said...

Eva is frigging hot!

Any movie with Will Smith is good.