Wednesday, March 09, 2005

ShooStories: The Introduction

There was a girl who had many shoes
She had so many, she didn't know what to do
So she decided to photograph them, one at a time,
And tell their stories, every Wed at nine.

OK ok, it's not going to be at nine every wed. I needed something to rhyme with time. As you can see, I'm no poet. But yeah, this just gives me an excuse to talk about my shoos. So there.


The Shoo: Pink Aviator (don't ask me why, that plastic covering reminds me of aviator sunglasses)
Circa: March 2004
Where: Some ah-lian looking shop in Hong Kong. One side of the shop sold a huge amount of clothes largely featuring an alarming amount of lace and ruffles, and the other side lots of neon-coloured shoes.

The Story: I was in HK accompanying my dad on a semi-business trip for a few days. It was my first time in HK and I was naturally very excited. After all, I had heard all those stories about the fabulous SHOPPING. My mother had told me before I left, "You'll love the shoes and the vegetables." So, I had tried the veggies and yes, they were gooood. But I was so disappointed. Where were all those famed fabbo shoes? I hadn't found anything I liked. They were either hideously expensive or hideously blah. Was I not going to the right places? Was I missing out on some secret golden mecca of shoe shops?

And then, in a garish shop in the middle of Central, I saw them. Pink and pointy. They sat on a rack in between a highlighter-yellow pair of patent pumps and a polka-dotted red and white pair. And right there, my faith in Hong Kong shoes was restored.


Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Pink shoes!!! I like!!!

Zen|th said...

Wow. Those shoes are something I've never seen before.

Karen said...

Me likey too!

Cowboy Caleb said...

these shoes do not go with nude.

Thumbs down *frowns*

Tym said...

Great shoes, great series. I look forward to reading more. (Always wanted to do it for my own shoe 'collection', but lazy lah...)

Esther said...

Wow... another pair of pretty heels...