Wednesday, March 16, 2005

ShooStories: My Arabian fantasy


The Shoo: Arabian Diva (I like to pretend I'm Princess Jasmine from Aladdin hurhur)
Circa: December 2003
Where: Shoo shop called "The Shoe Connection" in a massive mall called Times Square in KL

The Story: I was in KL on another one of my visits to my dad, with my mum and sister, and we were out shopping (as usual). We were curious to see what Times Square had to offer. Perhaps we would unearth more exciting finds. The first shop we saw as we came off the escalator from the carpark was this one; it didn't look particularly exciting at first glance but I always believe in giving chances.

And true enough, I found this exotic-looking pair lurking in a corner. They were available in a few colours - black, beige and white. I'm not one for flat shoes as I think they tend to make my calves look a little chubba, but these were too pretty sparkly to resist. Sqeuins will do that to me. Spent the next 15 min deciding between black or beige, parading up and down, while my dad looked on and told me to hurry up and aiyah, just buy both lah.


Woof! said...

buy both?? u have a way funky dad.. one which abets your long lunch away from the office too.. haha

FF said...

Quaint, yet funky.

FF said...

Quaint, yet funky.

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

I hates you cuz you gots nice shoes!!!

fashionasia said...

aha...see u found those alladin shoes...its the in thing right now in KL. I've got a lovely pair of alladin pants that goes just right with this shoe ;)
OK thats it, I'm gettin myself one, i saw someone wearing a golden colored ones recently...oh so lovely....

Belle said...

i'm with u on the chunky calves part. i think it's so true, esp when ur short. like me.

i avoid shoes like the plague, gimme heels anytime!

JellyGirl said...

Woof!: Yah that's why I'm such an unabashed daddy's girl. :)

LMD: hurhur. *smug look*

Fashionasia: Yes go for it!