Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Retail therapy back with a vengeance

Warning: In which I indulge in descriptions of clothes and bags and shoes. Severe fluffines follows. Boys may want to avert their eyes.

The shopping bug has bitten again and I find myself wanting to possess more more more pretty things! Went on a shopping spree with my friend on Sunday as she has two interviews on Thurs and 'needed' a top that looked serious and yet not boring. Very hard to find ah. It's party season now so all the stores are stocked with pretty, flirty and sparkly party frocks, definitely not interview-worthy. And as is usually the case, the person who is out to buy ends up not getting anything, while the shopping partner who is there to provide the critical eye ends up buying gobs more.

I came away with a pink (or to be more specific, dusky rose) jacket from Zara and a white pair of pants from some label called Moonstone at the newly renovated Tangs. Very excited about my new buys, and like all new clothes, I can't wait for the next event to wear them. The extent of my shallowness is revealed when I find myself looking forward to certain events only because it allows me to dress up. The first outing of said pink jacket will be aired tomorrow when my mum and I go for the Boris Berezovsky concert.

Out of my reach
There was of course so much more I wanted to buy, but my budget would not allow for such outrageous spending. Alas.

I'll take two please.

Lacoste argyle sweater - I'm not normally a fan of argyle, but I'll make an exception for this. So preppie! So cute! So expensive...
Cute doggie shoes from Ras - I liked the tweed version and the white version, they would look splendiforous with jeans, but $200 for a quirky pair of shoes? Urrr I don't tink so.
Charlie boutique - new store on the third level in Wisma Atria. Has the cutest handmade bags from Brazil with little dollies attached and a bewwdiful sequinned skirt from some New Zealand designer which I am coveting so much. Unfortunately, skirt is $600 and bags are $250 and $600 (small and large). Why why why are they so expensive?

So if you want to make me a very happy girl and a slave for yew, you can buy me any of the above-mentioned as a combined burfday and Christmas pressie. Thanks.


calm one said...

"Warning: In which I indulge in descriptions of clothes and bags and shoes. Severe fluffines follows. Boys may want to avert their eyes."

Dang. Shoulda heeded the advice =))

littlecartnoodles said...

Boris Berezovsky is also the name of a Russian billionaire who is in exile to avoid persecution by the Putin government.

I was wondering if he had joined the motivational speaking industry and why you called his seminar a "concert" !

Cowboy Caleb said...

mandrake is single and very generous.

In other news, you can get Abenobashi Magical Shopping District from here

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

The newly renovated Tangs makes me want to buy things!!! Lucky I have iron willpower and no money in my wallet.

I love the shirts at Zara. Serious, but all the coloured stipes make them so not boring!

JellyGirl said...

Calm One: Toldja. heehee.

CZM: Ooh so this guy is leading a secret double life as an exiled billionaire AND a pianist! Somehow, this concert is going to be even more exciting!

Cowboy: Mandrake eh? *mentally files him into list*

LMD: Yes, I lurve the new look at Tangs, esp the designer section. I like to pretend I am Miss Moneypot when I browse around there.

Fat Fingers said...

Hi ya! I love the new Tangs too! And i've alreaady bought 2 shoes at one go! Not very good..