Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The black hole of toilet thoughts

Conversation over MSN at 3.15pm

B: You know what I was thinking when I went to the toilet just now? (its where I do most of my thinking)
Me: ooh yes toilets are important for thinking
B: I thought it's funny how hippies like bananas so much. Because, if I'm not wrong, bananas have high potassium levels
Me: i didn't know hippies like bananas
B: Bananas grow on trees yeah?
Me: yes
B: Q.E.D. ...anyway. Potassium is radioactive. In fact, in someone's life, 80% of the radiation their body gets is from potassium
Me: really?
B: So hippies, by loving bananas are loving the nuclear bomb.
B: stupid hippies.


Cowboy Caleb said...

what on earth are you people smoking?

FF said...

Erm. Ya lor. That means I love nuclear bombs too. Cos I like bananas.

Zen|th said...

Whoa. That's deep stuff right there. Haha. I don't like bananas. It's apples or grapes for me.