Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I've been sleeping on the same kiddy bed for the last 15 years, so it was really time for a new bed. So on Sunday, after tennis and our prata breakfast, my father and I went to Tanglin Mall to have a look at Barang Barang and behold, I found a nice bed from the Java range at 40% off. Ever the sucker for a sale, we got me the matching cabinet, step cabinet and a mirror. Fwah. All to be delivered on the 27th Nov.

And because I had ordered a super-single bed, I must get a new mattress right? So off to Robinsons we went on Sunday to get me a Sealy mattress (at 30% off, I lurve bargains) so I can have lovely sleep at night. And of course, a new mattress means new bedsheets, right? I had lots of fun looking at the range, and deciding on colour schemes and finally selecting some egyptian cotton with a gazillion threadcount. So nice. I can't wait to try out my new bed.

However, that now leaves me with about 2 weeks to clear all the junk in my room to make space for the new furniture. Uh-oh.


Mandrake said...

bed looks good.. how much for it?

JellyGirl said...

Think it was about $700. Quite a good deal. You looking for a new bed too?

FF said...

Very very nice. My bed is the metal frame kind. So not nice.

Mandrake said...

yup yup.. now is on a single bed, which is a bit small liao.. damn the 15 years mattress warrenty

Cowboy Caleb said...

that looks like... my bed!?

JellyGirl said...

FF: Some metal frame beds very nice what. I like those wrought iron kind ones, so European.

Mandrake: hehe. How many more years?

Cowboy: Just shows what fabulous taste we have.