Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I don't want to leave my bedroom yet

The van from Barang Barang arrived at 10.30am on Sat and the movers managed to bring everything in, take away my old bed and assemble the new one in an hour, leaving my room in a flurry of dust. Changing furniture is good because when the old bed was taken away, I found some old ang pow money that had slipped through the cracks (I'm $30 richer, whoohoo!), the missing jade stud my grandmother left me, and my mother's red coral necklace which I thought I'd lost but was too chicken to tell her.

After that, it took the whole weekend to test my organisation skills. Where should the box of old memorabilia go? How about old theatre programmes? Or my Suzuki certificates? In the end, I just chucked them all into one drawer and mentally labelled it in my mind as 'Old Stuff I Will Probably Never Look At But Should Not Throw'.

Turns out it was a good thing changing all my furniture as it enabled me to do a huge spring-clean, long overdue for 3 years, ever since I got back from Oz. I must have thrown out 3 boxes worth of old stuff. Suddenly, there's that much extra space in my room to walk in and for future cluttering up. In short, love the new bed and everything else. Oh, and that woody varnish smell is heady stuff. Mmm.

Next project to come up: getting rid of the monster desk.


Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Did you get new sheets to go with the new bed???

JellyGirl said...

Oh yes I did! That's the best part about getting a new bed. I got some 500 threadcount Egyptian cotton from Robinsons. Mmmm.

Cowboy Caleb said...

where did they take your old bed too?

JellyGirl said...

Umm, I have no idea. They took it away in their van. I had to pay Barang Barang an extra $50 to dispose of the bed. Hopefully it is in Happy Old Furniture Land.

FF said...

I think Cowboy wanted your old bed.