Monday, May 28, 2007

This May, I am into...

The bubble top pictured is from Cop Copine. I bought the black version.

Oops, it’s a *bit* late this month! Also, am trying out a new way to present it:

Eating: Kaya toast for breakfast, Marutama ramen at Central
Wearing: Patent black peeptoe shoes, trapeze tops, bubble tops
Shopping: Deciding what to spend my US$5 yesstyle voucher on, going on a massive spending spree for ‘designer’ items
Watching: Hello! Miss, Que Sera Sera, Witch Amusement, Spiderman (it sucked!)
Reading: On Beauty by Zadie Smith, Mansfield Park by June Austen
Listening: Epik High
Partying: friends’ birthdays


Woof! said...

bubble top very nice! :D

misspris said...

ya kun and marutama rocks! I still am trying out how to make the perfectly half boiled eggs. The top is very pretty too =P