Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ah Pa-ree: At the Lourve

Are you getting sick of photos of Paris yet? We still have more to go, but most of them will be food-related. :) On my last day, I went to the Lourve. This time round, I fared better and didn't have to queue at all. I got my ticket, grabbed a map and hoofed it straight to the Mona Lisa, after hearing horror stories of people queueing up to an hour to see the famous painting. I even did the dorky thing of walking from side to side, and was quite amazed to see that her eyes really do follow you! Ooh optical illusion!

Anyhow, I enjoyed the Lourve very much. It's a beautiful museum, but much too large to cover in 1 day. I had to give up on 1 wing, as I had other going to Laduree and shopping at Galeries Lafayette. There's only so much art a girl can take in a day.


Mooms said...

Great pictures!! More please! I do so miss travelling :(

JellyGirl said...

Thanks! :) Will be posting more soon!

Anonymous said...

it's called Louvre