Saturday, September 25, 2004

What's wrong with my car?

My poor car, this is so not a good week for it.

First, last Sat I had a flat battery, then I sent it for a servicing on Thurs whereupon I was told, "your car ah, verrry bad condition ah", so I had a gazillion things replaced and paid an obscene amount of money for it to be fixed. And after that, I thought my ordeal was over and I could enjoy the lovely non-knocking experience of driving again.

And what happens this morning as I'm driving to work? I get a flat tyre. That makes it the third call to AA in a week. Tyre didn't even look flat when it was taken out, and looked suspiciously round and unpunctured. Also, not only is the spare tyre not very full of air, but it is also very argly and doesn't match the rest of the other tyres. Like, ohmygawd, mismatched tyres. As for said flat tyre, I will have to take it to a service station later to see what's wrong with it. And that will probably mean more moolah. Miss Moneybags, I am not. Not happy, jan.

Update: I took the tyre to a service station for a check, and there's nothing wrong with it. Curiouser and curiouser. There was definitely some flat action happening on Sat morning, I know I didn't imagine it. So since there was nothing wrong with it, I got it reinstated in the exalted position of front right. No more mismatched tyres now, yay!


cour marly said...

My silliest car breakdown experience was when I car-sat for a friend who didn't tell me about a safety switch that prevents the car from starting up. I tripped it without realising it, and ended up having to pay obscene amounts of money for the car to be towed and then for the mechanic to tell me that I just had to flick this small switch under the dashboard.


JellyGirl said...

Ehheh. That sounds like something I would do.

Mandrake said...

Maybe you should it look at by another mechanic?