Monday, September 06, 2004

In which I ramble about my fun weekend

One of the bad things about having a good weekend, is the coming back to work bit on Monday. Boo-hoo. 5 more days to the next weekend. Let's see:

Culture vulture
Went to the Gil Shaham concert on Fri with my mother and sister. Unlike other concerts where I was sort of ho-hum about them, I was really looking forward to this concert cos I wanted to listen to the Butterfly Lovers Concerto, have never heard the whole thing. Have only heard bits of it here and there in drama-mama HK and local TV serials. And oh boy, it did not disappoint! It's a beautiful piece of music and Gil (can I call him Gil? Mr Shaham seems so impersonal) played with such emotion and sensitivity to the piece. His tone! His vibrato! awe. Definitely a very entertaining performer to watch. You could tell he was really enjoying himself on stage. Everytime he put his violin down, he would break out into a huge goofy grin and look excitedly at Lan Shui and nod his head in time to the music. And when he reached a part which he particularly liked, he would stamp his feet. While playing. Once, he even looked like he was going to break out into a hoedown. Heh heh. I think I want to buy the recording of Butterfly Lovers when it comes out. Then can listen and pretend I also can play like that.

I bake cake...
Because my father had bought so many punnets of strawberries, I decided to try baking a cake following Jamie Oliver's Party Cake recipe from his Return of the Naked Chef book. It's essentially a chocolate cake with double cream and strawberries sandwiched in between. Everything turned out fine, except I couldn't find double cream and had to settle for thickened cream. That is when I made the discovered that thickened cream is not thick! What the?! When I spread it over the cake, instead of staying there, it sort of splooshed around and became a puddle. Bah!

...and bring it to a BBQ
So I brought the cake to the big BBQ on Sat night. Now this kind of BBQ I can handle. Some friends' uncle and auntie had let them house-sit their penthouse while they were away on holiday, leaving them to hold the fort and keep the maids busy. And we were like little kids having a party. Whoo the adults have left! Bring out the wine, crank up the stereo! Instead of us standing over the BBQ, all we had to do was sit around the huge table and wait to be served. Oh and what food we had! City satay, pork chops, sausages, steak, mushrooms, bacon pasta, salad, with chocolate pots, madelines, bread & butter pudding, Haagen-Dazs ice-cream and my cake for dessert.

After the gorging had finished, the night descended into the classic boys vs girls battle of Pictionary and Taboo. Unfortunately the boys beat us in both games. But it is ok, the girls will have their day in the rematch next Sat. Ah ha!

Harold & Kumar go to White Castle
Then on Sunday, after a yummy breakfast-lunch at Cafe Rosso* in Holland V where I had the best and yummiest scones and encountered real thick cream that did not move when I spread it(Bulla, do you see this cream? This is what I call thick cream), we headed to Lido to rub shoulders with the masses and watch Harold & Kumar. Ahahaha the movie so funny. I laugh so loud. I think John Cho is quite cute and now I want to eat White Castle burgers. Dammit.

* This place tickles me. A cafe with an Italian name and Japanese chefs? Heehee.


Little Miss Drinkalot said...

My personal favourite (party games) is Dirty Charades. It's a real hoot when you have to act out phrases like "Rodeo Sex". But then, my friends and I are juvenile.

littlecartnoodles said...

Wah lau, I so jealous of your weekend until can die, esp the BBQ makan. And those are my favourite party games ! They make me lose my usual cool and composed demeanour.

White Castle is supposed to have a damn good burger, even for a fast food chain. Anthony Bourdain said so on his "A Cook's Tour" show on Discovery T&A*.

* "Travel & Adventure" lah

JellyGirl said...

LMD: Ah yes, Dirty Charades is a game I play with another group of friends, normally under the strong influence of alcohol. That's when titles like "Like A Virgin" and "Debbie Does Dallas" get acted out. hurhur. We also very juvenile!

We are planning on playing charades next Sat in the rematch, cos we know the guys cannot play. Ahahaha! They sure lose!

CZM: Hee yes party games normally make us all lose our cool and composed demeanour. You should have seen us heckling the guys to win more points and the guys roaring back at us in retaliation. Church group somemore, aiyoh.

I love Anthony Bourdain! He's the maaaan, too bad I don't have cable. Chey.

Cowboy Caleb said...

Oh yeahhhh Harold and Kumar rawkkk!!!

FF said...

Methinks you're supposed to whip the thickened cream? Oh, what do I know? I'm a klutz in the kitchen. Jamie Oliver's to die for, though he's getting a lil tubby.

JellyGirl said...

FF: Yah I did whip the cream a bit, but it didn't work, it just frothed like this - bpfffffpttt. Maybe cos I didn't have proper whip or didn't do it long enough. Or something. And yes you are right about Jamie Oliver, he's losing some of that cuteness! He's still a dish though. :)