Monday, September 05, 2005

My entertainment for the weekend

Did I get a new stereo?

Nope! It's my new PC!

Last weekend, I braved the crowds at Sim Lim and bought a brand new Pee Cee for home. The older one, an ancient Dell with clunky performance had finally died on me and I decided to put it out to pasture. Now I have a sleek black 19 inch LCD screen (comes with free keyboard and mouse!) and a Shuttle-like CPU that also doubles up as a stereo.* Now I have rendered my old stereo obsolete. Perhaps now is the time to buy speakers for my iPod. And then my complete home entertainment system will be set! hurhur.

So I spent the whole weekend doing computery things, like surfing for pretty wallpaper and icons, downloading important programmes like Azureus (all the better to download anime with!), anti-virus software, downloading the latest Bleach episodes, and watching Bleach on big, beautiful screen.

I foresee many nights at home.

*Don't ask me for the specs for my new 'puter, cos I don't remember. I had help assembling this. I just had to give me requirements: must look pretty, must have big-ass screen, must be powderful enough to do some Photoshopping and watching anime and movies. All I remember is it has 512 MB RAM.


littlecartnoodles said...

You're sure you didn't rip that stereo (sorry, steh-leo) out from some Ah Beng's Subaru WRX ?

Rather than connect your iPod to speakers, why dont you play music from iTunes instead. Lengthens the lifespan of your iPod battery.

Ang Ku Kueh said...

hahaha....i love ur disclaimer at the bottom! reads like me! minus the huge-ass screen cos i couldn't afford it...ehehehe.......

Woof! said...

diu diu! diu diu!


JellyGirl said...

LCN: hehehe I didn't know about the ah beng lights until the unit was turned on. By then, too late oledi. I'd already bought it.

Re the ipod, really ah? I did consider just playing my music from itunes, but I thought speakers would look so stylo.

AKK: Oh the entire setup wasn't too exxie. The 19 inch screen was only about $500 and it came with a free keyboard and mouse!

Woof!: heheheeh is too bad I don't have techno...or Hokkien pop...or whatever it is they listen to.