Wednesday, September 07, 2005

ShooStories: Out with the old, in with the new


The Shoo: Cross my Toe
Circa: sometime 2002
Where: C K Tangs

The Story: Just like the little black heels, I like to keep a staple pair of black slides for when I have no time to think of what shoos to match my outfit, or when nothing in my shoo collection goes with what I'm wearing. I call them the fallback pair. Before I got this pair, I had a pair of Nine Wests, which had served me faithfully for 2 years of almost everyday wear when I was in Australia. I had broken the strap of the left side, and it was held together precariously with black tape, and yet I was loath to part with them. When I came back to Singapore, they finally fell apart and no amount of black tape could save them, and that's when I knew it was time to get a replacement pair.

I found these black sparklies after some searching. It also came in hot pink, and I was initially going to buy that, but the llittle practical angel sitting on my shoulder told me that the black would be mush, mush better. Don't be fooled by its sad and worn appearance. Back in its day, it was really pretty hor.


It looks better on the foot ya?

#22 *Fresh!*

The Shoo: Ladybird, ladybird
Circa: Aug 2005 (bought same time as Bling on my Buckle)
Where: Novo, Suntec City

The Story: It's time to put the abovementioned pair to happy shoo heaven. So this is my replacement pair of black staples. I suspect I won't be wearing them too often nowsadays, because I'm quite over my black phase now. It's all colour, colour, colour for me. But of course, you never know, one day I might be rushing out of the house, and NOTHING will match what I'm wearing, and that's when these ladybirds will come in useful. A girl must always be prepared, y'all.


Albino ladybugs


Ang Ku Kueh said...

very very right...albino ladybirds...heheh

Tym said...

Yes, it's very important that every girl have a fallback pair of shoes (usually black). Mine are currently wearing out, so I'll need to look for a new pair soon!

Li-er said...

i like #21 better!