Thursday, September 15, 2005

Where to shop for shoos


Hello Anonymous, thank you for your comment a couple of posts back. It's a little hard to respond to you since you didn't leave a name and email address, so I've decided to do it directly on my blog. You've mentioned a great idea though, to start a thread on where to buy the best shoos in Asia. I'm really flattered you asked me, so I shall do my best!

Let's start with Singapore. We do indeedy have lots and lots of shoe shops here on our tiny little island that stock lots of small sizes, but as far as I'm aware, a lot of them don't have a web presence. Here are a couple which I know have a website, a product catalogue and ship to international addresses:

Online Shopping

Charles & Keith
If you've visited S'pore recently, I'm sure you've come across this brand. My Canadian friend who lived here for a while adored this shop, and could buy up to 4 pairs at one go. I have to admit I've never bought a pair from the store before, but I do love their pretty summery designs.

This is actually a Malaysian brand, and is known as Vincci in Malaysia. The website prices are listed in Malaysian ringgit, but they have prices in US$ as well, so I guess it's safe to assume they ship overseas.

Product Catalogue

As you might gather from the name, they do indeed have very pretty shoes. Unfortunately they dont' seem to have any online shopping options on their site, and what's more, only show their newest arrivals.

Again, no online shopping options, but at least you get to see what's in their newest collection. I have to admit though, X:odus shoes aren't what they used to be. When they first started a few years ago, they had very fresh and exciting designs, but since the original owners have sold their business, the new designs aren't quite as cute. Still, some pairs are worth a look.

Ruby Sky Shoes
Little shoe boutique at the Mandarin Hotel shopping arcade with a small collection of heels. To view their shoes, click the 'Press' page.

And would you believe it, these are about the only shoe stores that have websites. When you next visit Singapore, perhaps you would like to visit the following shoe stores:

Local brands
  • J West
  • Substance
  • Heatwave (Far East Plaza, same level as the overhead bridge.)
  • Little shops in Far East Plaza & the Heeren
International brands
  • Novo
  • U.R.S.
  • Nine West
  • Aldo
  • Tangs Studio shoe department
  • Foot Fetish (Shaw Centre)
  • On Pedder & Pedder Red (Ngee Ann City)
One last thing, here's an article I found on shoes in Singapore. It lists the various locations of different shoe stores. Go shoe crazy!

And this is probably as good a time as any other to start a thread on where we buy our shoes in Singapore. Girls, where do you shop for your shoes?


Ole' Wolvie said...

Your dedication to shoes is... wow...

Welp, these will be helpful if my lady friends come visiting to shop :D

Li-er said...

You don't buy from URS or Nine West? They do have quite a few pairs of good shoes too. =)

Tym said...

I'm a X:odus and Substance fan. I loved Charles & Keith when they first launched, but I find their designs very tepid now. Ditto URS. X:odus seems to be heading that way too, which might be due to the owners selling it off, as you mentioned (didn't know that, mwah!).

PrettyFit and their cheaper brand Silverline is a bit too funky for my taste sometimes, or the shoes might be disturbingly uncomfortable, even though the design is cool. But I still find gems there every now and then.

I admire shoes in Foot Fetish at Shaw Centre, but have not purchased a pair before. I very cheapskate lah... I don't even buy Nine West shoes unless they're on sale and absolutely divine.

JellyGirl said...

Wolvie: hehe I don't know if I'd call it dedication, more like obsession...

Li-er: Actually I don't buy any shoes from URS, somehow their designs don't quite appeal to me. As for Nine West, I used to buy from there a lot when I was in Oz, but nowadays, don't really shop there anymore. Too expensive lah.

Tym: I didn't even know about this Silverline! Clearly it is time for me to go out more and looksy. And yes Foot Fetish is divine!

missy-j said...

I like the shoes at Topshop.

Cupcake Queen said...

Only in M'sia coz I live in KL-
Vincci, Sonny San, Nose & Aldo. Erm, I'm not much of a shoe person.

JellyGirl said...

Missy-J: I haven't explored the shoes at Topshop yet. Normally I just head straight for the clothes and accessories! I must pay more attention now. :)

Cupcake: Not tried Sonny San yet, must hunt it down when I'm next in KL!

jon said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi JellyGirl,

Where can I buy J West in Singapore? I heard their collection is great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,
J west can be found at their store in Scotts Plaza on Scotts Road,Takashimaya shoe dept and in Centrepoint at a shoe store on Level 3(forget what its called!).
yea,the shoes are great.
anonymous2 :)

Anonymous said...

thanx for those info on shoes... but do you know where can i get shoes that is in size 41 or 10??

coz i will be going to spore next mth for 2 days only..

JellyGirl said...

Anonymous: Hmm I'm not entirely sure where to get shoes of that size, but you could perhaps try the shoe department of Takashimaya, Tangs and also Marks & Spencer. Hope you enjoy your stay and find some great buys in S'pore! Where are you from?

Kate said...

I will go to Singapore on 6 Oct, i'd like to know where i can buy Vincci shoes, as i love this brand so much ar. Thx!!

JellyGirl said...

Hi Kate, Vincci shoes are great, aren't they? In Singapore, they're called VNC, and I think you can find them at Citilink Mall (it's an underground mall)closer towards the Suntec City area. For more shoes around the same price, you should also check out Charles & Keith and novo. You can find them in almost any mall along Orchard Rd. Have fun shoe shopping! :)

Anonymous said...

J West is a locl brand?? i didn't noe tat.... their shoes r quite pricey...

Anonymous said...

hi girls.. i will like to know ur comment and opinions on substance shoes.. e.g their designs and comfort.. please leave ur comment cos i will like to know ur honest opinions.. thanks

Kathrine Maja Bastias Bech said...

Please tell me the name of the website where i can buy the malaysian VINCCI shoes.YOu mentioned that on the webpage they have prices in US dollars.Please tell me the name, i am desperate fr buying some vincci shoes.Thank you very much.

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Kerrie said...

Hi, does anyone know where to buy reasonably-priced, closed-toe black heels in Singapore? I don't really like high heels so I'm having some trouble finding a suitable pair. ):

Shirlynn said...

Hello jellygirl, may I know if vincci have an outlet in singapore?

JellyGirl said...

Shirlynn: Vincci sells in Singapore under the name VNC. You can find the shop at Citylink mall in Singapore.