Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Social Monday

It's not often I go out on a Monday after work, since it's so close to the wrong side of the weekend and is generally for spending the evening at home, moping the long days ahead to the next weekend. But my mother decided to treat me to tickets to catch Bar at Buena Vista, knowing that I like the Buena Vista Social Club.

I'm so glad we went. It was a fantastic performance, and it tickled me to see despite the age of some of the performers, they still had so much life and gusto in them. I was especially awed by piano genius Rubalcaba, as he effortlessly danced off tunes like Smoke Gets In Your Eyes and other familiar songs with such jazzy improvisations. My mother said if ever she could wish for just one skill in life, it would be to able to play like that anytime. And I agree. I'd love to be able to sit down to at a piano and turn jangly chords into pure music off the top of my head.

The oldest performer, 87 year old singer Reynaldo Creagh, despite his wizened and small performance still had such a powerful voice. After each song, he would retire to a rocking chair in the middle of the stage and doze off, while the Cuban dancers and sound of the bongos swirled around him. And as for the dancers, we were totally wowed by a male performer who seemed to have liquid for legs, as he glided from one side of the stage to the other and did all sorts of cool tricks with his partner. At the end, the group made everyone get up on their feet and dance to the music. And that's when you could see all the salsa lovers in the crowd dancing away (or showing off). I think concerts like these are best suited to bars with nice big dance floors, then you can sit down in a nice dark corner, sip a drink and get and boogie anytime you feel like it.

Now I wish I could go to Havana, and feel the whole Cuban vibe. But it looks like I'll have to settle for my Buena Vista Social Club CDs.

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Ang Ku Kueh said...

an absolutely lovely evening spent with your mum...:)