Wednesday, September 21, 2005

ShooStories: Burn, baby, burn


The Shoo: Sienna, but not Miller
When: sometime late 2003
Where: Zara, Liat Towers

The Story: When I was a little girl, I had a pair of red patent shoes. My mum tells me they were one of my favourites, no doubt because of their colour (deep blood red, and it's the closest to pink), and the little bow in front. Apparently I always clamoured to wear them, I suspect because I wanted to be Dorothy in her sparkly mary-janes in the Wizard of Oz, and also the dance-crazy girl in that old, old ballet The Red Shoes.

Red says passion, power, with a certain I'm not afraid to take on the world dash to it. And also, they tend to spice up an all-black outfit terribly well. So that's why I'm on a hunt for a pair of red shoos. So far, the search is not so good, and the closest I've come to it is these pair of Zara heels. When in the shop, I tried to fool myself into thinking they were red, but after trying to match it with various outfits, I couldn't fool myself any longer. They're burnt orange, not fire-engine red. Back to the shopping board, it is.


I'm wearing them today!


Woof! said...

is that like the office? :D

can wear jeans to work one ah?

Ang Ku Kueh said...

hmmm...sorry, gal, it looks red enough for me...:) it's nice anyway.:)

Fashionasia said...

ya...i had the same reaction as Woof!
You can wear jeans to work ah??????!!!

JellyGirl said...

Woof! & Fashion: Yes, yes I can. nyeah nyeah. :P

AKK: Nono I was fooled by the quasi-red in the store, but accherly when you put true red next to it, its orange roots show up immediately.

Alphabet Moppet said...

It's still beautiful no doubt.