Wednesday, April 13, 2005

ShooStories: So sporty


The Shoo: Gola Goooo!
Circa: Sometime 2004
Where: Royal Sporting House or some other fine sportswear provider, my memory fails me

The Story: So, you know how I said last week I was not the corporate type? Well, I'm not the sporty type either. I think sporshoos make my feet look clunky and ...blocky. Everyone else seems to look fine when they wear them, but on me, eew. But everyone has to own at least one pair of sneakers, right? After all, I want to look like a widdit hipster, right? Anyway, I got a bit carried away by the 'sportswear as fashionwear' phase, and went ahead and bought these Golas. (On a sidenote: I have to admit I never knew Gola was an old and established soccer brand, until after a more enlightened male friend kindly informed me of that fact, ok guys you can stop rolling your eyeballs now) I then made the mistake of actually wearing these to play frisbee and got them dirtied by mud. What was I thinking? There sporshoos are not for playing sport, they are for posing! Durr.


There, now you have the benefit of a side-view. Oooh.

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