Thursday, April 14, 2005

I have not peed so much in my life

I have been taking four kinds of pills since last Friday. There's the:

Merislon - for the giddiness
Frusemide - to get rid of excess fluid in my ear*
Potassium Chloride - to recover all the nutrients I have lost in all that peeing, tastes foul too
Gingko Biloba - Not entirely sure what this is for, but it was recommended as a supplement to Merislon

* Interesting point here is that one of the side-effects of taking Frusemide is supposed to be dizziness. Wait, aren't I supposed to be cured of that?? Irony.

Being a diuretic, taking Frusemide means I have to visit the loo very often. It wasn't so bad when I was at home, since I could run to the loo as many times as I wanted. But now that I'm back at work, it's a bit of a bother to walk in and out of the corridor so often. Luckily I only take this in the morning and it takes about a few hours for it to work its way through my system. Every morning my routine goes something like this:
  1. Come in to work
  2. Colleague helps me buy breakfast
  3. Take breakfast
  4. Run down to staff lounge to get hot water
  5. Take all medication
  6. Wait for first round of toilet stops to hit
  7. Over the course of the morning, visit loo about 5 times.
  8. Once out of the loo, walk over to look at trees to soothe eyes
So yeah, I'm not very productive at work nowadays.


Woof! said...

heh.. on Fridays, I try to finish up whatever water I have left in the jug on my desk, and inevitably make numerous runs for the washroom throughout the evening..

Li-er said...

Hope you will get well soon. I look forward to your shoo stories. Cheers!

Jayaxe said...

Gingko Biloba is for enhancing blood circulation and increased alertness. It's really effective because I'm taking it now as I work. Better than taking coffee every afternoon!