Friday, April 01, 2005

Enjoy the silence

In case you were wondering whether I had dropped off the face of this earth, since I missed ShooStories Wed, worry no longer! I have not dropped off the face of this earth, I was MIA for the last three days because I had a vertigo attack, sort of related to a migraine attack. Vertigo is when you feel the entire world spinning and I spent Tues and Wed in bed, giddy and headachey. Not fun at all, I can tell you. This was my second attack. The first was last year after I came back from diving and had a lot of pressure built up in my head from not surfacing properly (and having blocked sinuses). But this time there was no immediate reason for my attack. The doctor said it could be a combination of factors, stress, fatigue...reasons which somehow don't apply to me. Oh well, just one of those things, I suppose. The good thing is I got a shot and some good drugs to stop the giddiness and I'm mostly ok now, except I can't focus too long on the screen as my vision tends to get a little blurry and swimmy.

I was up and about by yesterday and was even able to send my mum to the hospital for her physio, go out for lunch, buy moisturiser from Paul & Joe kekeke, and pick up my air ticket for my upcoming May holiday trip (holiday ahooy!).

I then went for the Bebel Gilberto concert where I enjoyed her velvety voice, long ringlets, and sinuous moves as she swayed and sang to a three-piece band. Listening to her sing was like walking along a beach on an inky starry night, trailing a sarong, and listening to the waves go lap lap lap, and sipping a strawberry daiquiri in one hand. Bliss. I really want to go on a beach holiday. And I have to get one of her CDs now.


lancerlord said...

I don't think I've experienced vertigo attacks. But lately I do get short spells of giddiness. Short as in 2-3 seconds.

Hope you can Shoo away those attacks.

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Yes, I've been wondering where you were! Good to hear you're back on your feet now.

fashionasia said...

get well soon gal....i had giddy spells too last year, thought i was having low blood preasure but the doc couldnt find anything wrong with me....hmmm....

JellyGirl said...

Lancerlord: heh heh cute. Thanks :)

LMD: Yep it's good to be back up. I was getting cabin fever after two days confined to bed.

Fashion: Oh no hope your spells weren't severe ones.