Thursday, April 28, 2005


Zoom zoom boils down to these two

You might have gathered from the last post that I'm shopping around for a new car. Am currently driving a Mazda Astina and its 10 years are coming up fairly soon. Since COE prices are relatively low now, I figured I might as well get a new car instead of another second-hand. And also cos my father said he'd help out some with the finances. hehheh.

Ever since I made the decision to go car-shopping, I have been scouring the roads for nice models, and when I find one I like, I drive alongside and try very hard not to stare. After much 'research', I have decided that the best car colour is gunmetal grey. Black is great but just not practical for this hot weather. So whatever my next car will be, it will be gunmetal grey. I'm glad I've got the important things sorted out. :)

The first car I wanted to get was the Mini Cooper - so cute, so retro and so zippy. Somemore is Bee-Em-Dubchoo engine. But then it's only 2-door, and since this car will essentially be the family car on weekends, it will need to have 4 doors. I can't imagine my mum climbing into the back seat; she's just not that sprightly anymore. So sad too, cos there are a whole lot of 2-door cars that I am liking vely much, like the Honda Integra. rowr.

I briefly considered the Peugeot, and even the Lexus IS, but after much consideration, have decided the Peugeot is too bubble-like (incidentally, I could do a whole rant on how the new shape of cars now are too bubbly. What happened to sleek and sexy? Cars should look fiee-erce!) and the Lexus, well, it's a bit too above my price range.

Have boiled down the choices to these two - the Alfa 147 (2 lit version) and the Mazda 3. Of course am leaning towards the Alfa...them Mazda 3s are everywhere...

PS Oh yes, if you're looking for ShooStories, I err...heh...have to admit I have been a bit lazy. But I promise there will be one tomorrow. Get ready for the Family Flip-flop Extravaganza!


Woof! said...

how much does this one cost?

just for the fun of it, you shld test drive the Peugeot 407.. I loved it! the smallest engine is 2.0, and costs abt $110k now I think..

JellyGirl said...

Yah, the Peugeot 407 looks wonderful but it's a bit too big for my liking, and also the pricing a bit too above my budget. But it would be quite fun to try anyway. That's the fun part about choosing cars, the test-driving! Where's the showroom?

As for the Alfa, the 147 is about $93k for 1.6, and $105k for the 2.0.

Fashionasia said...

hey, I was gonna recommend the peugeot 407 too.
Howbout Mazda 6?
My friend just sold off his Alfa 147 cos he has been posted overseas. Nice car, i like the way they place the what do you call em "door knob??" for the backseats. Cars in spore are so expensive. With your budget, you can get sporty cars like the Celica here in Msia.

Woof! said...

It's at Leng Kee, at the behind-side of the Hyundai showroom..

Ask them to let you drive the Jervois (how on earth do you pronounce it?) Road route.. it kicks ass! Can you imagine the 2.0 felt better than a 3.0 X-type?

Not considering the Megane? If I had to buy a car now, that's what I'd get..

Ah 9 said...

no see the Golf Gti? maybe around 130k...alittle pricey..haha

mazda 3 everywhere friend, LT say his car like macam drink petrol whenever he step on it....maybe he's juz stingy...hahaha

JellyGirl said...

Fashion: Mazda 6 is too big for me. I prefer something smaller and zippier. And ya, I really like the door handles for the Alfa, so stylo.

Woof: Heh you sound like quite the speedster :) Yah I saw the Megane, it looks quite good, but somehow not very interested.

Ah 9: VW too exxie for me, but I do like the Golf. You may enjoy watching this video - Golf Turbo. Woo!

lancerlord said...

Of the 2, I'll pick Alfa. Looks nicer. Maybe Mazda 3 is too common, that's why it doesn't appeal to me eyesight.

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Yeah, pick the Alfa!

Anonymous said...

Alfa 147!

- lonelydriver