Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ShooStories: Ballerina wannabe


The Shoo: Silver Repetto
Circa: July 2008, during my trip to Paris
Where: Galleries Lafayette, Paris

The Story: It's no big secret I'm a huge fan of ballet flats, mainly because they bring back memories of my ballet school days. We were lucky enough to be in Paris during Les Soldes season, and seeing these lovely silvers at half price, I didn't think twice. I love the square toe, it reminds me of my old pointe shoes.

When I was trying them on and asked my cousin what he thought of them, like a true man, he looked at them and said, "They look exactly like the pair you're wearing." Aie, the men, they just don't geddit.


Love the pleating detail!

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Masquerade said...

Now see, if my pointe shoes had always been that pretty and comfortable I'd have far fewer scars on my toes!