Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Comptoir des Cotonniers Fall 2008

See the whole collection.

The latest season from Comptoir des Cotonniers, with the title 'Rock and Romantic' is really rocking my boat. I am seriously considering blowing my money on the black pleated dress (pictured above) and a black tulip skirt I saw in the shop.

Also, the band, Moriarty, featured on their website is fantastic. My superior web-sleuthing skills tell me that the album is called Gee Whiz But This is a Lonesome Town, released by Naive, a French independent record company. You can download a free sampler of songs, which includes one Moriarty song, if you sign up with them on their website.


Alya said...

I love Comptoir des Cotonniers.. There isnt one near us but I'm willing to go all the way to Paris to stock up!

JellyGirl said...

Isn't this label great? I discovered it last year when I was in Paris. I wish I could own everything in the collection!