Wednesday, August 06, 2008

ShooStories: Lanvin love


The Shoo: Royal Flush
Circa: July 2008
Where: Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge

The Story: Take a neverending love affair with ballet flats, a read about how comfortable Lanvin ballet flats are on I Am Fashion, a generous 50% discount, a love for the colour purple and what do you get? These beautiful satin Lanvin ballet flats which I pounced on when I saw them on the discount rack.

They really are as comfortable as have been mentioned, and while even at a discount are still rather steep, my feet are thanking me for the indulgence. My only fear is wearing them out in the rain, but they have fast become a great everyday staple - whether it's for work, shopping or a holiday.

Update (9/8/08): Another thing I love is the box the shoes came in. I don't normally keep my shoe boxes as they take up a lot of space, but the Lanvin box is definitely worth keeping.


ashlet said...

Oh love those lanvin flats! the purple colour's divine.. just got a pair in serpent at the Club21 sale here at 50+20% off. They're deliciously comfortable.

Alya said...

they're gorgeous!

JellyGirl said...

ashlet: What a fantastic deal! I miss the Club 21 sales. It's always so crowded, but you never know what you find.

Alya: Thank you! I've had quite a few compliments when wearing them.

Anonymous said...

beautiful colour~
i was weighing up between the Lanvin flats, and the Pedro Garcia flats (they are very very similar,in design in materials and in comfort, only the Pedro Garcia ones are offered in more muted colours)
and decided on the latter. Perhaps you would like the Pedros too :)


JellyGirl said...

Jessica: Thanks for the tip. I had a look at some Pedro Garcia flats on net-a-porter, and am loving them. The jewelled ones are lovely!