Thursday, May 19, 2005

ShooStories: Arabian Nights Part II


The Shoo: Princess Jasmine Wannabe
Circa: early 2002
Where: Small shop in Far East Plaza (I think)

The Story: If I were 7 years old and acting out the life of Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty/Snow White/other, (I had nightgowns catalogued according to which princess I wanted to be each particular night - the powder-blue one was for playing Sleeping Beauty, the lemon yellow with bunnies was Snow White etc. ), no doubt I would have wanted to be shod in these shoos as part of my Disney Princess Production/Musical of Princess Jasmine. Now that I am older and wiser, I of course do not need to pretend with nightgowns, I just pretend in my head. Anyway, that isn't the real story. The real story starts in the next paragraph.

I brought these shoos with me on holiday to Australia in May 2002, and I realised they were quite the celebrities. Every shop I walked into had a shop assistant remark "Oooh! Those are so cute! Where did you get them?" and I would tell them I got them back home in Singapore, and they would therupon moan about the lack of nice and cheap shoos in Oz. In one of my rare entrepreneurial flashes, I am thinking how about a shoo tour to Singapore? If someone can organise singles holidays to Hong Kong to look for prospective partners, surely I can help girls find their dream shoos?


Fashionasia said...

yey!! more shoo stories!! So tell me where can i find great shoes in spore....i'm planning for my upcomming trip downsouth next month. ;)

JellyGirl said...

I actually like shopping in KL for shoes! Grass is greener on other side I guess :)

Alrighty then, shoo recommendations, be prepared!
General: CK Tang
Cheap & cute: all the little shops in the Far East Plaza basement and the Heeren
Midrange: Xodus (at Heeren, Holland Village, Great World City)
Posh & pricey: On Pedder, Ngee Ann City

One Little Twit said...

They are pretty and remind me of ... Aladdin?

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