Thursday, May 26, 2005

I am not that young anymore lor

Not to complain or anything, but I'm really starting to slow down. And I'm only 26. If you were to look back to 3 years ago, my idea of a good Wed night was to head down to the now-closed Aubreys and listen to the band play. I'd head home when the place closed, most times around 2ish. And I would still be able to function properly at work the next day. But now? Oh no, no way jose. I need my beauty sleep. Just one late night out on a school-night is enough to send my sleep debt skyrocketing and I am a non-functioning unit the next day.

Last night, I had dinner with Tania. We went to Riverwalk. We had intended to try this supposedly good and cheap ramen place at the Gallery Hotel, but it was closed (just our luck). So we walked around the corner and found this little Japanese cafe & book place called Bon Gout and had curry rice. Not too bad food, and they have a special every night. Also seems to be very popular with single Japanese men, who were there for dinner and for a fix of manga. We then moseyed along to Soundbar and had one drink (she had a mojito, I had a peach margarita). And after that one drink, we both professed to be tired and went home. At 9.30pm.

Yep, I'm slowing down.


Ang Ku Kueh said...

....that sounds like me too...i'm also 26.... Sigh..Flower dying.

PS. can link you to my blog?

Tym said...

Don't worry --- when I was your age, I felt the slump too. Then a few years passed, and I miraculously regained my energies. Now can party till midnight, then still wake up at 6 am for work. Not doing too bad :)

(Of course, I don't party every night...)

oceanskies79 said...

Hi, I came to visit you and bring some support.

I suppose with time, you have different sets of priorities and lifestyles. Slowing down maybe the way that could get you closer to what you truly want?

JellyGirl said...

AKK: Link away, babe!

Tym: I look forward to the day I miraculously regain my energy!

Ocean: Thank you for the support! And truly you speak the truth, I actually like the slowing down!

Keith said...

Nice read indeed! oh and your friend has the same name as my wife.

Dugong36 said...

Maybe we can see it as slowing down, but I would rather choose to see it as different priorities. This is especially when I got married and love to stay in my own house that my hubby and I have built together! Nowadays I prefer gathering at my house instead;)