Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Podding with style

Yes I have the pod, but now my pod must have a pretty outer garment to protect itself. Obviously I can't afford a chi-chi branded case, so I have made it my business to surf around for more affordable options. Of course, this is all just window shopping. I would probably just buy my pod's case from the Apple store at Wheelock Place. But a girl can still dream...


This duotone baby is called the i-Volution and comes in a dizzying array of colour combination choices which you can customise according to your tastes. As for me, I'm thinking cool and minty. That soft leather...oooh...
Price: US$70


This ModPod comes with a bag! Or maybe I have just gotten it mixed up. These retro-cool bags come with an ipod cover! Whatever...I must have one! The boo factor is they don't seem to have online buying available on their site. The website does say Urban Outfitters sells it though, but I can't seem to find them anywhere.
Price: unavailable


The Prie Pearl comes in grass green, cute pink and baby blue. What I like are the long and short straps that come together with the casing, so you can sling or carry it like a little handbag.
Price: US$45

Pacific Design

Stylish and simple with the white stripe. Can you tell I'm in a green phase?
Price: US$25 on ebags.com

Aneta Genova

On the left, is icy-cool Iceland and on the right is retro-classic Christian. Mmm mmm.
Price: $US79 each


Squee! So many cute peels to choose from! Although I like the hungry dino (pictured above), I think I like Moomin best. They come in difference sizes for mini ipods, and the regular 3G and 4G ones. Also available are shuffle cases and a flip-case for those who don't want to take the pod out of the peel to change songs.
Price: US$25


Ah 9 said...

i like the first casing...wats that thing at the back?

JellyGirl said...

I think it's some sort of clippy thing to attach to the plastic casing so you can clip it to your belt.

caleb said...

I got the black leather version of the pacific design one. But mine is brandless lah.

JellyGirl said...

Neh mind what, look nice can already. Anyway I don't think Pacific Design is a brand lor.

Anonymous said...

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