Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Miss Universe Fa-shun

AgentX's post on the Miss Universe pageant made me remember all those crazy togs the girls pass off as national costumes. One thing I've noticed, is how popular the showgirl look is...

(L-R): Miss Venezuela, Miss Chile, Miss Canada

...then there's the fantasy theme, as evidenced in our superpower countries like UK and USA...

Behold! My Nordic Goddess getup!

Why, fiddle-dee-dee, Ashley Wilkes!

...but what I'm more interested in are the Asian countries:

Oh honey, you're supposed to take your dressing robe off before stepping out onto stage! Also, we have to have a talk about acceptable Miss Universe poses. That 'ta-da!!' pose just doesn't cut it.

Finally, a national costume that actually looks like a national costume.

It's not too bad, except for the giant yellow bouquet threatening to take over her head. The yellow doesn't really go with the outfit though. Miss China, are you paying attention here? This is how you should stand.

A nice change from the regular kimono getup. I think they were going for the more tribal look of the Ainu people, or something like that.

Aieee! Miss Korea is being taken over by the red-rose quilt of doom! And don't get me started on the hairdo.

Selamat Datang! Welcome to Malaysia! It really looks like one of those costumes from the Tourism Malaysia ads.

Those roses on the dress make her look like the little dolly on top of a wedding cake.

I have no complaints about the costume, except she looks like she really has to go to the loo.

...And finally, we have Miss Singapore.

I suppose for a country that has no national costume, this is really not too bad an attempt here. I forgive everything, except for the headdress. Eew.


One Little Twit said...

Ahahah the philippines one cracked me up. She looked like THE wedding cake herself!

JellyGirl said...

hehehe true true.

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Anonymous said...

fell right into your blog whilst Googling 'Ainu' people ....that Miss U thing u put up absolutely cracked me up. Yes, Singapore is always a basket case when it comes to National costume because we try to be so pc all the time by including all the four main races theme in all that we do - except for road signs and announcements on the MRT, that is. hmm...if our national language is Malay, should we then make our tiny Miss U Singapore wear a kebaya or something - maybe not.

keep up the good work!