Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Immense distress

Fishballs. I sent my car in yesterday to get something checked out and to get it serviced, when I found out today from my mechanic that I will not be able to drive my car for the next two weeks. THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. Please bring to mind the most distressed face you have ever seen, and add 100x times more distress to that. He says the pressure regulator has run the course of its natural lifespan and needs to be replaced. He says there are no other pressure regulators to be found in Singapore and that it has to be ordered in from Japan and that could take between 14-21 days. I say, do you have any idea where I work? I need that car, man! I NEED it!!

What will I do? How will I live? How will I move around? And oh no this is so not a good time. I have friends visiting Singapore next week and it is imperative I have a vehicle, so we can move around the island to shop and eat prata and drink mortinis.

THE PAIN THE PAIN! Fishballs. I need a drink.

eh, I'm such a spoilt brat. Cannot even imagine life without a car for 2 weeks.


Zen|th said...

It looks like you'll have to become like one of us and take public transport for a while. Haha.

It sucks to have the car break down when you need it. Perhaps on that day you could rent a car.

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Too bad the Oriental is undergoing massive renovation. The bar outside Morton's used to have a damn good deal. Monday - Friday, 5 - 7pm, buy a martini and get complimentary steak sandwiches. The steak sandwiches are absolutely fabulous! Plus the chocolate martinis there are pretty good too!

JellyGirl said...

Zen: Yes I'm actually considering renting a car next week for a day. It might actually work out to be cheaper than taking taxis everywhere.

LMD: Yes we are planning on raiding Mortons for their FREE steak sandwiches. But it'll still be open despite the renovations right? Mmmm chocolate..martini...

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

No lei. The free steak sandwiches were only available at the round bar up the circular staircase, which is closed, I heard. Better to call first and ask?