Friday, December 24, 2004

Ho ho ho!

Hope Santa gives you the pressies you want!

I was in Jakarta on Wed and Thurs for a dinner celebrating a marketing firm's 15th anniversary. It was a benefit dinner for UNICEF so people came arrayed in their cocktail finery, ready to save the children. It was quite fun, the food wasn't too bad (Indonesia satay is the best!) and there were some performances and speeches, all of which I didn't understand. Saya tidak mengerti bahasa. I no speaka the language. Highlight of the night was walking the red carpet into the convention centre and having my picture taken a la papparazzi style and being ushered to the VVIP section. I could get used to this life, no?

Anyway, here's wishing everyone a very Merry, Blessed Christmas. Hope you're on the good list and get all the pressies you want!


Mr Miyagi said...

Merry Christmas to you too.

FF said...

Sounds like you had fun there! How's the place? I hope to go there next yr.

Merry Christmas! btw, I just had to look for Blood Cafe yesterday. Found it!

littlecartnoodles said...

Merry Belated Xmas, JellyGirl.

Cowboy Caleb said...

!!!samtsirhc yrrem

cour marly said...

Can I haf your autograf?

Missed the christmas greetings, so Happy New Year instead!!

Cupcake Queen said...

Have a good start to 2005. May the new year brings happiness and joy to Jelly Girl.

JellyGirl said...

Thanks guys!

FF: So so did you try it out? You like?
Cour: teehee.

JellyGirl said...

Oops FF I never answered your question.

I thought Jakarta looked pretty much like KL - same kind of roads, buildings, and bad traffic, although admittedly the traffic in Jakarta is way worse. There's lots of security everywhere but they're not particularly stringent about checks, I think they post guards around merely for show. As for things to do, not sure as it was such a quick trip I didn't get to go anywhere. But from what I've seen, Jakarta's a place to go only if you're on business. I'd much rather go go Bangkok.