Tuesday, December 28, 2004

26 things

It's my birthday! Go me!

Today is my last day of work for the year (I love saying that!) as I'm going to KL tonight to celebrate my birthday, which is tomorrow. So here's a list of 26 me-me-mes you may or may not want to know. Happy New Year!

1. I am an incredible vainpot who must matchy-matchy all my clothes and accessories.
2. I can’t cycle.
3. I was such a chicken shit when I was young that I used to be afraid of Santa Claus. When kids ran screaming to him for candy, I was the only idiot running screaming in the opposite direction. 4. I'm a dark chocolate girl.
5. I don’t know how to eat chili. Spicy is as far as it goes.
6. When I was 15, I wanted to be a fashion designer. It took the combined persuasion of my alarmed parents and the sneaky outside enlistment of an uncle (who used to be a fashion designer) to turn me away from said life-ambition.
7. Happily, I no longer want to be a fashion designer. I’ll settle for fashion editor.
8. I'm uncomfortable in contact lenses. That's why I wear glasses everyday, and reserve the contacts for special occasions.
9. I am addicted to head massages at the hair salon.
10. The make-up item I cannot live without is lipstick.
11. I hate gyms.
12. I am a sucker for pretty packaging. Marketing people would love me.
13. I confess to liking Nelly, Spice Girls, S Club 7 and Justin Timberlake songs. Oh, the shame!
14. I adore sequins, beads and such-like shiny embellishments.
15. I have been known to kill cactus. Miss Green Fingers, I am not.
16. I am a huge cartoon freak. If it’s animated, I want to watch it.
17. At last count, I have about 90 cousins (both sides of the family included). There could very well be more that I am not aware of. However, I am not close to any of them.
18. I don’t drink coffee.
19. Milk is icky.
20. I have no favourite authors but am partial to Roald Dahl, Gerald Durrell and Jane Austen.
21. I watch award show ceremonies and Miss Universe/World pageants only to see what everyone’s wearing.
22. When I was five, I wanted to be a teacher just so I could write on a blackboard with chalk.
23. I used to have a Lhaso Apso named Cassius. I had him since I was six and he died in Nov 2002 at age 19.
24. I have never tried a cigarette in my life.
25. For sport, I try to rock climb, roller-blade, do pilates and play tennis or Frisbee. Note the word: try.
26. If ever you want to buy me flowers, don’t get me roses. Especially red or yellow roses. I like asiatic lilies, or orchids.


cour marly said...

Happy hatchday, jelly lady... mine's on Sunday!! Hee...

littlecartnoodles said...

Happy Birthday !

Why "JellyGirl" ? Do you jiggle a lot ?

FF said...

Happy birthday!!

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Happy Birthday!

Cupcake Queen said...

Happy birthday, have a great trip to KL ;P

Woof! said...

happy birthday!

dont know abt the others, but you're infrequent posts and revealing very little about yourself makes you mysterious in a good kinda way..

and ur dog lived to 133 in human years!

Cowboy Caleb said...

Happy birthday!


JellyGirl said...

Thanks everyone! I had a fantastic birthday filled with family, nice pressies, good food and shopping. The best any girl could wish for. :)

Cour: Happy (belated) Birthday to you too! I hope you had a fantastic day and got lots of really nice pressies!

CZM: umm much as I would like to deny it, I jiggle...slightly. But that's not why I call myself JellyGirl, it's cos I like agar-agar and all kinds of jellies.

Woof!: Yep I'm aware that I don't post too often and am not very revealing but I guess that's just who I am. I don't open up easily to people. In a way, I started this blog partly to not be afraid to speak up, but I guess that's not quite panning out as I hoped. Baby steps. :)

Cowboy: Hmmph. That's normally all my friends' reactions too when they find out about this deep dark secret of mine.

Jack Naka said...

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