Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas came early thanks to Lanvin x H&M

I was convinced the massive queues outside H&M at Oxford Circus this morning would mean everything would have sold out in minutes, so I wasn't expecting to find anything when I wandered into H&M during my lunch break. Was so pleased to find the pouch which was in my wishlist and bought what appeared to be the last one on the shelf. Happy early Christmas to me! :)


camilla said...

wow i didnt know they do that in other H&Ms too! i live in switzerland and im looking forward to getting one of lanvins peaces too...just gotta see if theres something left xD

JellyGirl said...

Camilla: Lots of luck! What pieces are you hoping to get? The entire collection is so nice, I wish I could get all of it!

camilla said...

i think im gotta take the shirt or that red dress...but i dont know yet ^^i know! i wish i had it all too.. but i have to save more money went shopping waaay to much these days :D
anyway enjoy your piece its very nice