Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fashion from Top Hat

As movies go, Top Hat definitely has its flaws. The plot is not exactly very believable, has a rather too satisfactory ending, the humour sometimes rather out-of-date and slapstick, but the dancing of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers is as ever, sublime. What I also love is the old school glamour depicted in the movie. Oh to be able to jet into Italy for a little break, to live in a time when ladies still wore hats and everyone dressed for dinner. Sorry, the screengrabs are a little fuzzy.

A sartorial discussion about the kind of tie to wear

Racing upstairs in her dressing gown to see who's tap-dancing and disturbing her sleep

In her nightgown

A smart riding outfit with the hat perched just so

Close-up of the outfit

Bows and glitz

What's not to like?

Even her friend Marge is a very spiffy dresser

Lounging about. I really love Marge's outfit on the left

Marge has on a very lovely evening gown

The gentlemen also look very smart. Natty is the only word to describe them.

Moving from bows to feathers.

They move about really nicely


An elegant cloak to guard from the cold

In 'casual' wear


Back to the sparkle - this is my favourite gown in the movie

It's got such a lovely skirt for dancing in


A clearer look at the whole gown

How to layer your eveningwear. Fred's greatcoat is very smart too.

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