Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In Stockholm for Easter: Vasa Museet

After hearing about a 17th century warship which sank about 15 min after it was launched, and how the entire ship was discovered and re-pieced together almost intact almost 300 years later, I knew I had to visit the Vasa museum.

Imagine how it would have looked back in its day with all the magnificent colours!

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Eleanoora said...

What else did you do in Stockholm? It is just an awesome place to live and visit, so much to see and do. I presume that you do not speak Swedish :) so that might narrow options a little. But still an amazing city. And Vasa- I think it is a bit ironic that such a tourist attraction is actually a-once-shame of royal navy :D

Hej på dig! (like we say in Sweden)

Eleanoora from Finland