Friday, June 15, 2007

This June, I am into...

Wearing: Sass & Bide Champs Elysees grey jeans, Adidas by Stella McCartney shoes for the gym
Watching: Balenciaga bags on eBay
Carrying: grey laptop bag from S N A P designs (finally!)
Eating: Milano Mint cookies from Pepperidge Farm
Reading: E.M. Forster’s novels
Watching: Ouran High School, Ocean’s Thirteen, Shrek 3


cherrybomb said...

Aaaaayeeee,Im absolutely LOVING your laptop bag! Nifty!

Anonymous said...

Ouran High School Host Club.. Good stuff!


JellyGirl said...

Cherrybomb: It arrived yesterday, and I can't wait to start carrying it! Go and buy, there are so many other cute designs! :)

Minggg: I know, I'm so hooked on it, I've been watching about 4 episodes everyday!