Monday, April 23, 2007


I'm probably one of the last people to visit Vivocity since its opening, but I'm glad to say I finally made it there on Saturday. Parking was extremely painless and there weren't as many people as I expected. We were there to check out River Island, but after a little wandering around, discovered a section called Spain2Dream. Besides the Chocolat Factory and a wonderful handbag shop called Myriam Gallego, I found this great Spanish label called Desigual.

I'm not normally one for streetwear, but many items in the store really appealed to me. They were the right balance of hip with just enough of a funky edge, and with very reasonable prices - about $70 for tops and $100-$120 for dresses. Despite telling myself that I was not allowed to shop anymore this month, I walked out of the store with a top. Methinks I'll have to visit that label more often.

View the collection.

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