Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oscar fashion: before & after

I've long since abandoned showing any interest in who actually wins awards at awards shows, but enjoy these events for the fashion. Yah, I know, I'm fluffy that way. Generally speaking, fashion at the Oscars has been quite boring. Almost everyone seems to have developed disgustingly good taste, or at least hired good stylists. I miss seeing Cher in her outrageous Bob Mackie creations, or Bjork's strange choices (I actually liked the swan dress, just because only Bjork could pull something crazy off like that) and Johnny Depp's crazy zoot suits.

Of course there is still the odd questionable gown, but on the whole, people tend to keep it safe at the Oscars. While browsing through the Yahoo! Oscar photos, I discovered some stars actually changed after the ceremony to attend the after-parties. So fun, you get to wear 2 outfits in one night, I also want!

Jennifer Hudson: Don't let Vogue fashion editors dress you! The chocolate brown dress in itself is lovely, although I don't think that colour is best on her, but that silver capelet looks like a Project Runway challenge created with recyclable materials. As for outfit #2, it's an improvement, but don't really get why she has to stick to earth tones. She looked sooo much better in the red gown she performed in.

Penelope Cruz: It's not that I deliberately pick on Penelope Cruz and her birdlike features, but she just makes it so easy! There was that canary yellow dress from a previous year, which reminded me of Big Bird, and this year, it's showgirl canary! The second outfit is quite pretty-pretty, but nothing spectacular.

Celine Dion: Ah Celine, I was so happy you finally got it right, but then you had change into curtain drapes at the Vanity Fair party. You should have stuck to the first outfit!

Cameron Diaz: I know some people knocked the white dress, but I liked it! It was at least different from all the other blinged gowns on the red carpet. Also liked the trenchcoat.

Beyonce Knowles: Miss Thang is in danger of being as predictable as Liz Hurley in her choice of gowns. You can always count on her to wear something shiny and slit to the thigh. Having said that, I did like the top of the mint-green dress.

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