Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Today is like any other day

Even if I tried, it’s pretty hard to forget that today is Valentine’s Day. The first thing I heard on the radio today while coming in to work was an anecdote related by the DJ on what she got as a V-day present (3 maximiser bras, haha!), and then before lunch, bouquets of flowers started arriving for some of my colleagues.

I’m long past the whole angry girl “Valentines Day suxor” rant, and can quite honestly say without any bitterness or longing that I have no plans for the day. I don’t feel like a loser, and neither am I smirking at all the couples with plans to splash out on a nice dinner. To me, today is just like any other day – that is, after work, I’m going to try and get an appointment to get my eyebrows done, and then go home and clean my room.

Have a great day today, whether you’re single or attached. :)

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